Defense wins championships.  Train to be the strongest link with  Morgan & staff through focused,  skill-specific training. Fielders will  be challenged to be quicker, more  efficient, and more aware of how  important defensive skills are in  this game.

Jen Schroeder - Catching


to Cumming!

On January 15, Jen, Morgan, Amanda & Katie will be here for a softball camp like no other.  You won't want to miss this amount of experience & knowledge at one camp! 

For all details and registration, please click the blue link below.

*Each session is strictly limited to 35 girls.

**Please download the waiver and bring it in with you, completed, to participate.

January 15, 2017

Amanda Scarborough - Pitching

Morgan Stuart - Infield

Katie Schroeder - Hitting

 Amanda & staff work to develop  mentally strong pitchers by  implementing proper, yet  customizable mechanics all while  stressing the importance of a  confident, fit athlete.

 Jen & staff push catchers outside  their comfort zone & in turn get  them to realize their capable of  things they once thought  impossible. This event stresses  fundamentals at a high pace,  vocal leadership, & physical  quickness & strength.

 Katie leads this event by taking  what she’s learned working  towards winning a National  Championship (UCLA ’10) and All-  American status. Katie and her  staff begin with the breakdown of  the swing and progress into using  those fundamentals in high  repetition station work.